Monday, October 26, 2009


At a beach in a nearby town.
Sand Sledding! No sandboarding for me, but this was still awesome.

Horseback riding along the beach! What you don't know is how long my stubborn horse took took to get to the beach...
Oh yeah, I saw Daddy Yankee in concert! Hahahha. (Yes, I'm aware that this is not quality music.)
And I was pumped to be there!
At cousin Tito's Birthday Party! Tito and the Gringos :)
(side note: gringo isn't derogatory here.)
So after a long time of searching, my Mom found this magazine with photos of Tito's favorite model. He was so THRILLED! Thanks Mom for helping out this one!
We had a special dance class last week, and our instructor (on the right) had a friend help out. They performed a bunch of dances, each with their own traditional outfits. The highlight though was after this dance (from East Island). It was my friend's birthday, so he got to dance with the pretty lady on the left!

This is where I went camping. And below is my tent!!!!
Can you tell I love it?

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  1. Megan you are such an adventurer. I looking at pictures and reading about your experiences. I think back when I was that age (a very long time ago LOL) and wondered if I would have been so brave, or as adventuresome. Gracias keeping us posted on your activities. I know the time to return to us is very close, so take in the sights, the scenery, the people and make memories to remember a lifetime. Love you always, Missy