Friday, November 13, 2009

I climbed up a volcano! Ok, so a quarter of a volcano. There were two buses of students from my program, but when we got to the base, the weather was super crappy, so the 7 of us were the champs that still decided to go for it! That thing I'm holding is one of my crampons! It was a great experience: difficult but a great experience nonetheless.

We went rafting!! So much fun!

And meet a Mapuche woman. I plan on a history update ASAP, so I will explain more then.

... and saw the sites in Pucon, Chile, such as this beautiful waterfall, with beautiful friends!

My mom, dad, Jamie, and Grandma Marge are coming in less than a week! :)


  1. Hey there badass, the trip looks awesome! But we are all sitting here at Joan's and miss you!!!
    Love, Mikaelyn, Kara, Aunt Chris, and Grandma

  2. By the way, what is that red and blue fluffy suit you are wearing?!?! I want one for christmas :)