Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Chilean Style

My host family bought me really sweet gifts (no pun intended!!) and Mama made me a scarf!

The game that Mama invented, at Macarena's class get-together.
Carne! mmmm...
At midnight on my Birthday I was talking on skype with my family, when my host family came in with a minature cake and singing happy birthday!

My two families- how lucky am I?

I had a great birthday, even though it was weird to not be at home. My family here really made it special for me. We went to Macarena's class get-together, and after had a little fiesta at the house with the family and my five closest friends here. One friend even preformed a Spanish rap for me! We then finished out the night by going out dancing until the club closed at 5:30am. Definitely a day to remember!


  1. I'm sorry to miss your 20th birthday. Sounds like a great day anyway. Seems like you've found some wonderful people there to celebrate with. Tell Mamma and the rest of the family how much we appreciate them.
    Love Boelstler Family

  2. Megs,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Glad you properly celebrated through the night ;)

    Much love, Mik

  3. Happy belated birthday Megan. Two families, and still missing one. SOunds like a great celebration, and even SKYPE with the family was a great topper. But out dancing till all hours of the night . . . I mean, morning, what's up with that young lady. If we knew about it, we would have waited up for you. LOL Love Missy.

  4. Happy Birthday-
    love, Eric Kristyn and Caleb