Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adventure with Mama

So, it is always an adventure when my mama makes plans for us, because I'm never 100% sure what she trying to tell me. Today we took a micro around Valpo, and did some exploring! It ended up being one of my favorite times here. Above is San Pedro the saint that protects the fishermen!

My mama said that the danger of the fishermen's jobs leads to a lot of praying. (Hence why this is right next to the dock.)
One of the roadside memorials, and according to mama probably for someone who died in an auto accident.

This picture is for my dad. There was one man fishing without a pole- just string and a lure. She said that poles used to be very expensive, so some people still prefer the old fashioned method. (He spun the lure and tossed- sort of like a lasso.)

I always have to resist posting every picture that I take of the murals and graffiti. Sometimes the art is beautiful, sometimes puzzling, sometimes political, sometimes all of the above!
Soccer! FĂștbol! Right along the ocean- how great?!

Isn't Mama the cutest?

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  1. Fishing sin pole is pretty badass! I love the way the mountains are illuminated in the background :)