Thursday, July 30, 2009


My chicos.
On my way home last night.

At the beach in Vina.

I love it here! :)This is one of the murals in the open air museum.

This mural is of bread, because it is the great equalizer: old, young, rich, poor- everyone eats bread. Especially, I might add, in Chile. All the time. With every meal.

A street near the open air museum, very close to my house but in quieter neighborhood than the downtown.

A view of the ocean from the open-air museum. It is an art project of my university, with mosaics, murals, and a great view. I also realized yesterday that I am right next to it! There is even a really beautiful plaza with mosaics.

This is the view from Pablo Neruda's Valpo home. It has been one of the best views yet. Neruda is a famous Chilean poet, and was also a presidential candidate and a total character. His house is absolutely fascinating. They don't allow photographs in the house, but I did get this one:
I'm a rebel, huh? Neruda loved the ocean, so his houses are designed to resemble boats, complete with furniture from boats, low ceilings, canals, circular windows, etc.

My university, from across the street.

A view from one of Valpariaso's Ascensors. They are these old outdoor elevators that take people up to the top of the hills.

I've now been in Chile for over a week! Tomorrow I finally have some free time so I'm really excited. The tours that my program, ISA, schedules are really neat. However, it has been very busy and a break and a day to catch up on sleep will be great. The picture above is from a boat tour of the port. They were not happy with us.

The port.

My "Mama" packs me a lunch. It's great. No joke.
From the museum.

The picture above is from our orientation at the university. The traditional dances were beautiful, and I'm signed up for a class! (One day a week for an hour- sounds good!)


  1. ah, la cueca, i still kinda remember how to dance it. you should learn, its a good way to get into the culture and learn the heritage.

  2. Hey Megs!
    Pictures-how exciting! I am glad you have signed up for dance lessons, let me know how that works out, you'll have to show me your moves when you get back. I can't believe your lunch is packed everyday, that is ridiculous (I am really just jealous...) The university looks beautiful. Have you started your classes yet? The beach looks beautiful-how far from the water is your host home?

  3. Yeah, it should be fun! And my host family is so nice. My host aunt is who cleans during the week, and she re-makes my bed everyday. When I insisted that it wasn't necessary she just said that I am part of the family. :) The beach is around a ten minute walk. And classes start Wednesday! I miss you- let's talk soon. I'm usually online around 11 (MI time).


  4. Pictures are great. You little rebel, you. I truly love the one of you loving it at the beach. Have fun at your class, and dancing. You will have to teach us what you learned. Love, Missy