Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Adios America!

I'm leaving in about twenty minutes for the airport. With my jumbo suitcase and carry-on packed, I think that I have enough stuff. Let's just hope I don't have to carry it far! Now that the stress of packing has passed, I'm getting really excited. It's crazy to me that tomorrow I will be in a completely different country, for 4 months!

To all of my worried relatives: Yes, I will travel in a group. No, I won't flash large amounts of money in public places. Yes, I will be careful with my knee. No, I won't wear fancy jewelry. Yes, I have copies of my passport. Yes, Ms. Chris, I realize that I will be gone for "a long ass time." And No, Zac, I won't pull out huge maps on the streets, nor will I wear my backpack in front, Mikaelyn. :)


  1. megan, you should just be arriving in chile. Another new adventure for you! I know you will do well. We will all miss you and of course worry. Its hard to raise you kids(ha ha) to be independent and then really let you go! I'll keep mom in line do well and enjoy!! love ya karen

  2. Yeah, that's right-preggers is not embraced by anyone.... on that note I saw a man walk off the cruise ship yesterday totally preggers. I was thinking "Dude, you are in Alaska-who is going to rob you, a bear?"